About Us

A-Designs Ornament Co. is a home-based business, operated by Alan and Alsa Wong. This collaboration between technical skills and artistry has enabled the couple to develop a portfolio of functional, yet stylish products. With a commitment to innovation and creativity, the company has strived to provide customers with unique products that are of the highest quality. For more than 20 years, Alan and Alsa Wong have dedicated their technical expertise and artistry to continue the growth of A-Designs Ornament Co.

Alan’s technical skills and eye for design came from his experience as a mechanical engineer as well as founder and operator of a former blister making factory. Through his experience working with the Research and Development departments of large multinational companies, Alan developed key skills in materials engineering, mould making, design and production. Alan’s 30-years of hands-on experience have been fundamental to the product design and innovation at A-Design Ornament Co., whose product lines have ranged from home and garden decor to jewelry that are designed with aesthetic functionality in mind. Although the home and garden product line was widely popular with our customers, Alan more recently decided to dedicate his time more on the jewelry business due to personal health issues. This decision naturally complemented Alsa Wong’s jewelry making skills, which she learned from the Hong Kong Institute of Gemology. Her extensive portfolio of jewelry features a contemporary collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Today, Alan and Alsa Wong actively participate in craft shows across Ontario to deliver products including the successful pewter-based jewelry line and intricately assembled beaded jewelry products. With an eye for functionality, style, and fashion, Alan and Alsa remain committed to ensure that each unique creation is of the highest quality.