Celtic Knot large flower pentagram of goddess pendant necklace
Celtic knot flower pentagram pendant
handmade flower pentagram necklace
flower pentagram pendant necklace
flower pentagram pendant
flower pentagram necklace on adjustable cotton cord
back of pendant

Flower pentacle protection pendant necklace, Celtic knot star necklace.

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High quality boho style handmade pewter everyday lucky charm necklace. It features a five pointed star in flower shape, encased by an outer circle with mini flowers, polished to perfection,  Available in cotton cord style or metal chain style.  Each necklace is accompanied with its own unique packaging with explanation of the symbol to enhance the customers' understanding of the meaning behind the pendant. 


The Pentacle has been worn as a powerful protection for thousands of years. The five points of the pentacle can represent the four elements of fire, water, earth and air, the fifth represents spirit. This talisman combine power of five pointed star with the open flowers of goddess. The pentacle calls upon the life giving powers of the goddess while conveying its protection upon bearer it worn in respect and honor to our Earth mother.


The pendant 3.75cm dia approx.
cotton cord maximum length 32" approx.
metal chain approx. 20" in length

Material: Pewter (lead free)