ankh necklace
ankh cross necklace

Ankh Egyptian Cross pendant necklace

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" ANKH is an Egyptian cross, it has a meaning of Eternal life."  The pendant is handcasted with lead-free pewter, designed and made for daily wear.  This meaningful necklace is a great protection amulet, great gift to give or to keep. The pendant can be hung on either a silver color metal chain or on a neat cotton cord with our signature design handmade device for easy length adjustment without the mess of ties and knots.  The pendant is accompanied by its unique, self-designed "Made in Canada" packaging. It features a short description of the Ankh to enhance the customers' understanding of the meaning behind the pendant. 



The pendant 1-1/2" x 3/4" approx.
leather cord 18" approx. with 3" approx. extension
metal chain approx. 18" in length

Material: Pewter (lead free)