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Small Reversible Moon Phase Necklace Glow in the Dark Moon Jewelry

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Truly unique Reversible handmade moon necklace glowing jewelry!!! It features a small pendant with one side moon phase picture laminated with clear Epoxy resin and the moon is surrounded by many magical stars, and on the other side of the pendant is patterned with nature leaves. This is an ideal gift for woman, a personalized Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift and Wedding Gift. The reversible function is an added value to this necklace as it can be worn as a different necklace in some days to suit for different outfit.  

As the moon is moving all the time around the earth, the moon phase pattern is changing between times. According to the Luna calendar, the moon phases has a cycle of about 8 different shapes in a month. The new moon starts at the beginning of each month, this new moon phase is almost invisible in the sky, as time goes on, the moon moves, its phase turns to waxing crescent moon, first quarter moon, waxing gibbous moon, full moon, waning gibbous moon, last quarter moon and finally waning crescent moon and then starts all over again.

Each pendant is packaged in a pretty gift box for gift giving ready.

There are eight patterns available to choose from, you can order it to make this pendant according to the birthday, wedding date, anniversary date or whatever date that you want it make for by simply choose the "specific date" option and provide me with your date in the box provided above it in order for me to find the closest moon phase that belongs to or just simply to order the moon phase pattern that you like.

The pendant is approx. 3/4" dia.
chain is approx. 18" in length

Material: metal