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Unisex Celtic Nehalennia Goddess Dolphin Bracelet Traveler Protection Amulet

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Handmade Protection Gift to Traveler ! It features a Celtic Nehalennia symbol leather bracelet made with genuine flat leather and magnetic clasp closure.  Available in black or brown color.

Nehalennia - Goddess of guardianship, protector of travelers, symbolizes prosperity and the abundance of the earth. (Nehalennia, the steerswoman, is the Celtic goddess who protects travelers during their life, but also on their journey through the afterlife. She is represented by dolphins, who protect seafarers, and dogs and ravens who protect land travelers.) 

This bracelet is being made to order, a great protection bracelet, Scottish Irish Celtic Jewelry. Ideal gift for your loved ones, suitable for unisex wear.  When ordering, please select the size you want at the drop down menu at check out. (please check the total actual length of the wrist you desire to order then I will add an extra 1/4" to it for some looseness in order to provide better fitting when wearing it. )

Nehalennia slider symbol approx.: approx. 3/4" x 3/4" x 1/4".
Material: Pewter (lead free) and genuine leather.